2013 Archives

The 2013 Neurosurgery Simulation Symposium video archives are now available. Visit the Archives page to watch full videos of the presentations from last year's symposium.

Symposium Overview

Brain surgery is inherently a high-risk endeavor that takes many years to learn. Currently neurosurgery residents are selected on the basis of academic performance and undergo a seven year training process with graded responsibilities. If a realistic Brain Surgery Simulator could be incorporated in to training the benefits would be enormous. During surgical rehearsal different trajectories and approaches can be developed and compared, strategies for safe resection and reconstruction can be practiced, and potential pitfalls can be recognized prior to the operation.


  • Evaluate the Use of Neurosurgical Simulation in the Training of ACGME Residency Programs
  • Identify Technological Advances in Patient Specific Surgical Rehearsal through the Neurosurgical Simulator  
  • Compare and Contrast the Use of Traditional Training and Simulation Training on Ventriculostomy Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the Use of Neurosurgical Simulation for Patients with Benign Brain Tumors

Target Audience

The symposium has been designed to meet the educational needs of Neurosurgeons, Head and Neck Surgeons, Radiologists and Neuroradiologists, Residents from these fields as well as OR Nurses, Technicians and Engineers in the fields of: Haptics, Visualization, Computational Sciences and Simulation, as well as professionals from the fields of Aviation, Defense and Gaming.

Program Director:

Joshua B. Bederson, MD

Professor and Chair
Department of Neurosurgery
The Mount Sinai Medical Center